The Fourm-Rules

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The Fourm-Rules

Post by God Of The Storm on Thu Dec 31, 2009 5:45 pm

Here are some basic rules that will be followed

-No trolling. If a troll is spotted he or she will be warned to stop. If they continue a temp ban will be placed on the person(s)

- No bad language. This forum is a site for people of all ages. No adult language. Keep it clean.

-No adult content..Hello people common sense. This will result in an IMMEDIATE ban

-No name calling/flamewars. If a person(s) starts a war the thread will be locked. And depending on how bad the preson(s) were there will be a temp ban.

-Stay on topic. If the thread is about The X-men don't talk about the powerpuff girls Razz

If you have a problem with a user DO NOT take it upon yourself to "set them straight" come to me! Or The Weather God
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