X-men #35 Summary/Review

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X-men #35 Summary/Review

Storm doesn't get any action in this issue but by the end it feels like Storm had just played a great game of chess with her little brother Colossus. If you haven't been following the series, Storm has been running a squad of her own and has been investigating Proto-Mutants. A previously unknown species that predates the mutants of today. The X-men recently defeated the mad scientist, who had been using the Proto Mutants as unwilling test subjects, and he eventually killed himself; taking along the secrets of his research notes and genetic samples to his grave.

Luckily, Storm had obtained a sample from one of the living dead Proto-Mutants after it was defeated and hid the fact that she had it from Cyclops. She shared the sample with a neutral party to human and mutant affairs and had them analyze the sample; but it was eventually stolen right from under their nose. The X-men soon learned that the sample was being shipped to the headquarters of a cult called the Heavenly Path, that had been hoping to use the sample to evolve to a level beyond normal mutants.

Storm decides to send in Psylocke and Domino as new undercover converts to track down where the sample was on the cult's cruise ship. Once they arrived there, Betsy was called in by the cult leader while Domino went in search for the genetic sample. Psylocke is introduced to the cult leader and he ends up spilling all of the beans about his plans to her, while revealing to her that he had already used himself as a test subject for the genetic sample.

The issue starts out with an explanation that the world leaders have turned against the Heavenly Path, and decides to seize control over the ship and destroy it before the cult leader can move forward with his plans. The entire area was militarized with U.S. Military jets and Storm was forced to move their jet a couple hundred miles away to avoid conflict. Pixie is sent in try an stop the missiles that were headed towards the Heavenly Path cruise ship with Domino, Betsy and hundreds of innocents.

Storm urges her to keep her distance and to destroy the missiles with care. Psylocke finally decides to shut up the cult leader and disarm him, while Domino arrives with the sample and asks Psylocke to break her Psi-link with Storm and the others. They get into an argument about what they should do with the sample and Psylocke discovers that Colossus had been speaking with Domino and had persuaded her to destroying the sample when they found it.

Storm and Colossus has not agreed on many things since this arc and it's quite clear in this scene that both Storm and Peter's views were being projected between Psylock and Domino in those panels. Psylocke decides that the risk is worth it if the sample can be of help to mutants. She re-establishes her psi-link with the team and alerts Storm that they have the sample. Pixie ended up stopping the missile and surviving, while Storm sends a subliminal checkmate to her little brother Colossus.

Storm then haves a short conversation with Scott(or more of a I told you so rant). She then ponders that something was missing to the puzzle and told Cyclops that she wasn't returning to Utopia yet.

The issue was great, I love Brian Wood's Storm. And even though she didn't get any action with her powers in this issue, Storm leadership and commandership skills really make up for that here. One step at a time is how I see it. The art was a little messy on some pages but it was passable overall. Storm is on her way back to the Storm we've been missing.

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X-men #35 Summary/Review :: Comments


Post on Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:57 am by THUNDERBOLT30

LOVED this! I have enjoyed seeing Storm directing her team and working in a reserve capacity but would like to see more action from her in X-Men. Her strong persona is really shining through and it's good to see how her actions effect her team's perception of her. Betsy has shown the most loyalty, Pixie is coming into her own and Colossus and Domino, Piotr most suprprisingly, are both intelligent but resistant to Storm's decision making. Such a good read. The characterization is solid, the story plot is interesting but the action is still too light and can make the story line drag a bit. I give it a 8.5/10.

We have only 3 more issues with Wood so I am hoping we get some worthwhile action to capitlize on his work with the book.

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