X-Treme X-men #3 Summary/Review

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X-Treme X-men #3 Summary/Review

If you haven't been reading the new X-treme X-men series, you may not be aware of what you have been missing. It was not something that had been heavily advertized, but an alternate Storm has been appearing in this series since the first issue as a leader of pantheon elemental gods from another dimension. She is an all powerful being of this dimension and is married to one of the gods, Thor.

The series focuses on Dazzler banding together with a group of alternate versions of X-men to stop ten different evil versions of Charles Xavier, all from different dimensions; and all of whom have tried to upend the space time continuum. Their first stop has been the Bronze Age world which is in fact ruled by the gods and led by the Almighty, All-Mother, Skybreaker Storm, who demanded that Dazzler and her team bow to them and beg for her mercy after they invaded their territory.

A fight broke out between the two teams but Emmaline and the alternate Wolverine(Howlett) decides that it was a fight that they could not win against the gods and turned on Dazzler and disarmed her themselves. To spare Dazzlers life, the All-Mother requested her to sing a song for her. She begrudgingly refused until she saw a crying baby that she wanted to calm. She sung the song and Storm was touched by it, while subconsciously generating a rain storm from her emotional influence.

The All-Mother soon shook away the emotion and demanded that Dazzler and her team be killed. At that moment an alternate Xavier and a Magneto arrive on a weird looking flying car and rescue them, while the tyrant Storm announces that War is upon them. Emmaline and the floating Xavier head stayed behind on Storm's team.


Storm from X-Treme X-men #2

This issue starts with Dazzler talking to Xavier about his world and he ends up leading the gods to a decoy location via psi illusions. They agree to be friends after she realizes that this Xavier must not be evil, and they bring the team back to their refuge sight(an alternate Utopia?). They then try to formulate a plan to invade the gods fortress to stop them. Dazzler rallys them together with some music and they are on their way to bring war to the All-Mother and her gods.

The floating head Xavier discovers that Storm is being influenced somehow by the Xavier of that world and all hell breaks loose from there. The Floating Xavier in a fish bowl is tossed away from the All-Mother by her caring husband Thor, and Dazzler invades their fortress with her resistance. Floating head Xavier alerts her that the gods have been getting controlled by that worlds Xavier and the fight quickly turns towards the defeat of the mastermind.

Storm is mind controlled to protect the evil Xavier but Dazzler is able to stop him before she is able to unleash her powers against them. The gods are freed from his influence and Magneto kills Xavier after discovering he had caused all of that madness just so that they could become best friends.

Storm uses her powers to instantly heal her world. She thanks Dazzler for helping her and offers them all a place in her pantheon with more power than they can imagine and immortality. The others refuse but Emmaline decides to accept her offer. She is turned into diamond by Storm and loves the gift that she received. Dazzler and her team leaves to the next reality to kill more Xaviers.

This has been one of the greatest reads that I have ever come across. Greg Pak is an AMAZING writer and he does justice with his tyrant and nurturing Storm. His stories are full of substance and story and the art was simply amazing. I would suggest Storm fans to pick up the first three issues of X-treme X-men considering how great of a run this alternate Storm had alone. Will there be more alternate Storms in the alternate dimensions? I don't know but we can only hope Pak has more planned for Storm in his series.

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X-Treme X-men #3 Summary/Review :: Comments


Post on Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:50 am by THUNDERBOLT30

Very good read. I'd give it a solid 8/10. I like this version of Storm. She was the Queen of the Gods, which is so awesome, and powerful enough to bestow godhood and immortality to others. Seeing her being a bad-a$$ beezy while under the influence of an Xavier was cool. Gave me a slight twinge of nostalgia for Claremont's "Perfect" Storm. Grag Pak definitely has some great potential with writing Storm. I have been disappointed inthe past with some of his writings (or co-writing of her) but this story was golden, and I wouldn't mind seeing him write a solo for her.

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