X-men #36 Summary/Review

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X-men #36 Summary/Review


The issue starts out with the reintroduction of Agent Ruth Bat-Seraph, also known as the mutant Sabra. She is working for Storm to track down a Proto-Mutant that had been in hiding for centuries. Sabra is scolding air-port security on how slow and amateur they were about finding the information of a particular person of interest, Gabriel Shepherd. After scanning his DNA and discovering that he was in fact a Proto-Mutant. Sabra decides to keep a watchful eye over him until the rest of his information can be pulled. At that moment, she decides to call Ororo before she is interrupted by Gabriel, who approached her from behind; already knowing that she had been following him through the air-port. He curiously asks her if they are the only ones of their kind in the world.

Domino attempts to fraternize with a U.S. soldier while Storm and the rest of her team interrogate Gabriel Shepherd(though Storm insists that it's not an interrogation). They ask him if he knew David Michael Gray, the rogue scientist who had discovered the proto-mutants and cloned them, which he denies, but insists on asking them who he was. Psylocke immediately picks up that he's smart and has placed many walls in his mind that was preventing her from immediately obtaining the secrets he had been keeping from them. Storm continues to look for more information about Gabriel Shepherd on a internet tablet but inevitably finds nothing. She insists that she'll take him to Chicago, considering they had caused him to miss his flight; though the real reason was quite obvious. He complies and they board the team's million dollar jet.

On board, while Pixie converses with Domino about their new crew member, Storm has another phone conversation with Cyclops. He has now grown more leery of Storm and has bugged the jet with a GPS tracker. She scolds him on how silly he's being and that she did everything for the sake of operational security and because she didn't have the whole picture to present to him. He then comments that she's been close to sabotaging the mission and he expected her to be more open to him about her plans. Storm then argues that she's tried to see it from his point of view and has tried to share what she could, but she wasn't sure he would use that information correctly. She then asks him to trust that she would never betray her kind, which he says was not enough and hangs up on her.

After Pixie is encouraged by Domino to have a conversation with the proto-mutant Gabriel Shepherd, she is surprised when Gabriel announces that he's been listening in on their entire conversation and encourages her to sit down and talk with him. They have a revealing conversation about what he can do and how he is able to look normal. The conversation quickly turns to him asking who David Michael Gray is again. Pixes replies that she cannot say but Gabriel reveals an unannounced powers that mentally compelled her to tell him. When he finds out, hostility breaks out on the jet and Storm is immediately called into the passenger deck where she witnesses a fight between Colossus and Gabriel. He berates them about them not telling him about what the scientist had done to his friends and family,

He announces that it is what humans do and why he has kept himself hidden from the world for so long. He blames them for finding him and sticking their nose where it didn't belong. He tells Betsy to stay out of his head and Colossus insist that he calm down when he ripped his shirt off like a rampaging hulk. Peter is tossed off the jet moments later by the proto-mutant, who announces that Gabriel Shepherd isn't his name. He tells them he doesn't want any of this before flying off the jet like a Superman. Storm tells Domino to get ahold of Sabra while she insist Pixie to “grab hold” so they can pursue the proto-mutant. Pixie argues that he can wait and that they need to get to Peter first.

Interesting issue, but sort of felt like something I had already read and felt a bit like filler. This new proto-mutant does seem intriguing, but I am wondering when Mr. Wood is planning on picking up the action in his book. Aside from that he does maintain a good balance of character interaction and a great Storm. I'm still quite hyped to see what happens next!

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X-men #36 Summary/Review :: Comments


Post on Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:15 pm by THUNDERBOLT30

Excellent review WG. I think you nailed it right on the head. The story and characterization has been written so well that what we have been getting is now starting to drag a bit. BY now, especially with Wood only have 1 or 2 issues left, he should have already been "upping the anty" on the action. He has written Storm so well that we need to know that he has a handle on her powers. We want a "total package" writer like we had with Yost, Kim, Ellis, and Claremont. If he he would have had some action for the team I would have easily made this a 9-10/10.

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Post on Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:25 am by The Weather God

That's really the only gripe I have about his run honestly. His use of character powers seems a wee bit too restrained and it takes away the "Wow!" factor considering this is suppose to be a comic book all about super powers. You are right, we want a total package writer, and if Brian can't deliver then I don't think I would prefer him to be one of Storm's mains writers, let alone an ongoing series. I only hope he can change my mind soon enough.

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Post on Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:49 pm by God Of The Storm

I hate this is ending! Crying or Very sad

And nice review as always WG!

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