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Post by God Of The Storm on Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:54 pm

1) Since you've got such a huge cast of characters on one island, do you find it hard to make each character you write feel like an individual?

I try to do enough planning ahead of time so that each chunk of story has a divergent enough cast to avoid that; whether that comes through on the page or not isn't up for me to decide or declare, but that's the idea anyway...

You can tell the characters I have the toughest time with if they're not around much. I feel like I only recently plugged into what makes Storm work, so, like, she'll be around more in the future. Iceman is another. I have a lot of Bobby coming up because I feel like I finally understood him; I could articulate what interests me about him - I finally heard his voice. I mean, that's what anybody writing a team book does anyway, I'm just doing it with all the toys on the table at once rather than selecting who I sit down with. If, uh, that makes sense...eating buffet style rather than a la carte.

Do you think Fraction is just saying this to fill in space? Or do you think he will keep his word?
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