X-men Worlds Apart #3 Review

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X-men Worlds Apart #3 Review

X-men Worlds Apart #3







From the time she joined the X-Men, Storm has been called upon to fight mutants, aliens, demons and even gods…and she’s triumphed. But how will she fare when she is forced to combat her own husband? It’s the fight you’ve been waiting for: Storm, Queen of Wakanda, against the Black Panther! And with her kingdom and the lives of her teammates, the X-Men, on the line, Storm knows this is one fight she can’t afford to lose…

My Review

I know I probably seem very bias toward this series but I really try not to be. I honestly haven't enjoyed Storm this much in years and it's about damn time someone finally stepped up to the plate and studied Storm's history and write her the way Chris Claremont use to write her many years ago. Absolutely nothing is ignored about her in this series and she's 100% accurately portrayed the way she use to be. Mr. Yost has definitely did his homework!

On to the Story...

The story continues where it left off in the last issue, Storm is fighting her husband and he is winning. Yet she's not dead despite her just taking on the Dora Mijale, his army, and destroying the X-jet a continent away. As explained in dialog, Storm is tremendously relieved to where she almost wanted to laugh. Her husband was fighting the Shadow king and preventing him from delivering a final blow that would seal her fate. This is perhaps the first real test of their love and devotion to each other as well as the first real time since the mini that Ororo is reassured that T'challa cares deeply about her, even under the influences of The Shadow King. With this new found knowledge Ororo uses this to her advantage and takes out the Black Panther with her Oh So Amazing elemental powers!

At this point we are brought to a perhaps spiritual and daring side of Ororo as she enters the spirit world and steps up to the panther god without a shred of fear. This is truly one of the classic moments that just really makes your jaw drop! The women basically told god to STFU and let her talk with a very annoyed facial expression. That's nothing but pure Storm win there!!

Anyway... after her discussion with The Panther God she takes back command over the entire wakandan nation and heads over to Emma in a jet with Nezhno. I'm not sure if she was creating some kind of whirl wind portal to make them go fast but she told Nezhno to hold on to his lunch! With that said Cyclops indeed survived the destruction of the Xjet and blasted a fat man to get a plane while he attacks Emma for the big "To Be Concluded"

I also forgot to mention that the art was probably better then both of the previous issues and that Neves does a really good job of drawing Storm!

Overall this is the best Storm mini series thus far, definitely a must have for Stormfans. Another 10/10 thumbsup:

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X-men Worlds Apart #3 Review :: Comments


Post on Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:38 pm by THUNDERBOLT30

Nice review WG Very Happy !

Diogenes Neves definitely became a fave of mine for drawing Storm. WAP was hands down the best Storm mini. These days most writers don't bother to make any effort to explore her powers and use her as strategically or creatively as they could, but Yost KNOWS what he is doing with Storm. He wrote as both powerful, versatile and vulnerable, touching on a lot of most well known skills. I HOPE we get at least another mini (if not an ongoing solo) with him at the helm.

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