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  • 20121028
    SG Blog Lunapic_135146432268893_1

    Issue Summary

    As a long time fan of X-Men and Storm, issue #37 can only be best described as heavy.

    In this issue, Gabriel Shepherd, one of the oldest and only living proto-mutant, had proven just how much potential this off-shoot of the mutant species possessed. The story starts off with Gabriel Shepherd , still upset about what he discovered had happened to the proto-mutants at the hands of David Gray, out-flying...

    by THUNDERBOLT30 - Comments: 2 - Views: 1173
  • 20120926
    SG Blog Lunapic_134871581162486_1


    The issue starts out with the reintroduction of Agent Ruth Bat-Seraph, also known as the mutant Sabra. She is working for Storm to track down a Proto-Mutant that had been in hiding for centuries. Sabra is scolding air-port security on how slow and amateur they were about finding the information of a particular person of interest, Gabriel Shepherd. After scanning his DNA and discovering that he was in fact a Proto-Mutant....

    by The Weather God - Comments: 3 - Views: 1313
  • 20120912
    Storm plays chess with her brother
    SG Blog Lunapic_134747752143052_1

    Storm doesn't get any action in this issue but by the end it feels like Storm had just played a great game of chess with her little brother Colossus. If you haven't been following the series, Storm has been running a squad of her own and has been investigating Proto-Mutants. A previously unknown species that predates the mutants of today. The X-men recently defeated the mad scientist, who had been using the Proto Mutants as unwilling test subjects, and he eventually...

    by The Weather God - Comments: 1 - Views: 1138
  • 20120913
    Storm is the All-Mother!
    SG Blog Lunapic_134755116577815_8

    If you haven't been reading the new X-treme X-men series, you may not be aware of what you have been missing. It was not something that had been heavily advertized, but an alternate Storm has been appearing in this series since the first issue as a leader of pantheon elemental gods from another dimension. She is an all powerful being of this dimension and is married to one of the gods, Thor.

    The series focuses on Dazzler banding together with a group of...

    by The Weather God - Comments: 1 - Views: 1717
  • 20120829
    SG Blog Lunapic_13462558338200_1

    The issue of Storm vs Black Panther’s portion starts out in the clouds above Wakanda. Storm describes her ability to call upon the lightning in dramatic detail. She nails her husband with a bolt and describes her husband’s ability to redirect her bolts with his gauntlets. T’Challa is overcome with emotion as he watches his Wife furiously attempt to put him down. He describes the pain of how much he has screwed up his marriage and how he would never forgive himself...

    by The Weather God - Comments: 3 - Views: 3021
  • 20120822
    Storm takes on a Phoenix
    SG Blog Cover

    My Review

    The issue starts out with Storm, Psylocke, and Magneto discussing strategies on how to invade Mister Sinister's new Krakoa. I'm guessing the original way the X-men destroyed the island, by tossing it off into space with the combine power of Storm and Polaris, wasn't going to be quite as effective this time. Danger receives intel from Unit; who is willing to aid them for his own personal reasons. I found this to be an interesting change of events, though it was quite...

    by The Weather God - Comments: 9 - Views: 2023
  • 20120827
    Storm and Gambit team up again!


    The story takes place during a war that's been brewing between San Francisco and vampires. Apparently the armies of Xarus(Son of Dracula) are beginning to build at an alarming rate, which leads Cyclops into making a desperate decision of resurrecting Dracula himself; But in order to do this they would need to get the body of Dracula first. This leads Cyclops into calling in Storm and Gambit for the job, as they are the best of the...

    by The Weather God - Comments: 0 - Views: 785
  • 20120823
    SG Blog Lunapic_134578210424586_2-1

    The issue starts with the new Fantastic Four (which has BP and Storm taking the place of Reed and Sue) coming back from their trip to space. Everyone is tired, except for Storm, who specifically requests “nap” time with her man (who happily agrees). However, everyone’s R&R is interrupted when Ben hears a loud crash noise, which wasn’t caused by Johnny, or royal couple’s “nap”. Storm immediately checks on Franklin and Valeria Richards. She gets to their door, when...

    by White Mage - Comments: 2 - Views: 844
  • 20120807
    X-men Worlds Apart #3

    SG Blog Lunapic-123098943916658







    From the time she joined the X-Men, Storm has been called upon to fight mutants, aliens, demons and even gods…and she’s triumphed. But how will she fare when she is forced to combat her own husband? It’s the fight you’ve been waiting for: Storm, Queen...

    by The Weather God - Comments: 1 - Views: 696

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